PopupMenu::addItem().setAction() issue

The new PopupMenu::Item helper functions, especially the one that lets you set a lambda to be called when you choose a menu item, are pretty cool. However, that lambda is never called if you’re setting the popup menu for a combobox like as follows:

struct Foo
    ComboBox cb;

    int menuID = 1;
    auto* popupMenu = cb.getRootMenu();
        DBG( "you clicked test" );
    cb.setSelectedId(1);  //does not invoke the action

I believe way down here in MenuWindow void hide (const PopupMenu::Item* item, bool makeInvisible) is where the action is invoked:

           if (resultID != 0
                 && item != nullptr
                 && item->action != nullptr)
                MessageManager::callAsync (item->action);