PopupMenu broken in modules branch / osx 10.5

Hi Jules,

The [NSEvent modifierFlags] method, called in ModifierKeys::getCurrentModifiersRealtime, is not available on osx < 10.6 . For some reason it breaks the popupmenus (and floods the console log). Something like if ([NSEvent respondsToSelector: @selector (modifierFlags)]) NSViewComponentPeer::updateModifiers ([NSEvent modifierFlags]); fixes it

I’m also getting warnings about the call to [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] typeOfFile: filename error: &error] in juce_mac_FileChooser , [NSWorkspace typeOfFile:error:] is not available on osx 10.4

Ok, thanks. I guess I’ll need to add that check. Annoyingly, that means that it’ll be impossible to detect modifier keys that are already held-down when the app starts, on 10.5.

As for the typeOfFile call, I’m not too worried about that, it’ll just mean that on 10.4 a few aliases won’t show up in a file chooser panel.