PopupMenu does not work with touchscreens

On computers which have both a mouse/trackpad and a touchscreen, the PopupMenu do not respond correctly to touch events, only the mouse works with them. I have also got reports from users who use a wacom style input device with a pen. It seems that the commit that broke the PopupMenu for touch events is this one:

Before this commit it was workinig fine, but was a bit glitchy when the mouse cursor was positionned under the popupmenu while the user was navigating the menu by touch.

@jpo This should be fixed on develop with commit 9f4648f, can you see if this works for you?

It works better: in the Juce Demo, when I click on the ‘Show Popup Menu’ button, I can select the items of that menu, and they respond to touch.

However when I enter a sub-menu and click on its ‘Sub-sub menu X’ items, the third popupmenu level appears briefly and is immediately dismissed !

Thanks, does 71d10e7 fix this for you?

Yes, ed, it works fine now. Thanks for your help !

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