PopupMenu floating in space


Hello all,

I have a JUCE plugin that uses PopupMenu elements, but if you drag the window by the title bar while a menu is displayed, the menu remains active and does not move with the window. I’m trying to find a callback I could use to call PopupMenu::dismissAllActiveMenus(), but resized, moved, and focusLost are not called on my AudioProcessorEditor component in this event. Anyone know of a way I can tackle this?

I am using JUCE 1.46.



Nobody can help you if you’re using juce 1.46.
Go to the downloads page, follow the git link (or sourceforge), download the latest tip, grab a big cup of coffee and update your code to the latest library.
This problem has been solved a while ago (I think) in the tip.
This thread could also help in this: