PopupMenu: No mouse wheel scrolling?

Like the subject says. I’ve got a combo box with a list of all 128 MIDI CCs, and when the menu pops up I’d like to be able to scroll them with a mouse wheel. Looking at PopupMenu::Window::mouseWheelMove it seems it should work, but if I stick a breakpoint there it never reaches it.

Using the tip, and Windows 7(64-bit). I see the same thing with the juce demo.

does it have focus? i know windows can be stupid with wheel events (i.e. only sending them to the window with focus, rather than the window the mouse is over)

I’ve tried to work around Windows’ idiotic scroll wheel behaviour - if it’s not working, that kind of implies that none of the windows in your app have focus (?)

Pretty sure it’s got focus. A breakpoint in PopupMenu::Window::keyPressed shows it’s getting KeyPresses, it’s just not getting any wheel events.

Ok, thanks, I see the problem. Will sort it out today…

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s funny the amount of mouse wheel threads there seems to be :slight_smile: