PopupMenu steals keyboard focus only in FL Studio

Whenever I click a combobox in my synth plug-in FL Studio’s keyboard shortcuts stop working. I have to click the top edge of the plug-in window to restore them.

There are a couple older posts on this issue but they were happening to AU plug-ins in any DAW. However, in this case this only happens in FL Studio, with both VST and AU. In other DAWs, this issue doesn’t occur.

The only suggestion I’ve found on this forum is to use PopupMenu::Options.setParentComponent but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions?

Don’t you want the popup menu to take focus, so you can navigate it via the arrow keys and Enter key?

Or are you talking about it keeping focus after selecting an item from the menu and the ComboBox has closed the menu? If that’s case, then you might want to call wantsKeyboardFocus(false) on the ComboBox after creating it. That’s what we do (but doing so might make some Accessibility features fail to let you access the ComboBox).

I’m talking about keeping focus after selecting an item from the menu and the CombBox has closed the menu. We already call wantsKeyboardFocus(false) on all of the comboboxes. And as an amendment to my previous message, I realize it’s only VST in FL Studio. AU doesn’t have the issue.