Popup's height in a combobox


I have a window with a combobox in it’s lower part, and since it has more items than it can show in the space until the bottom,
it shows the popup above the combobox.

Is there a way to make it show the popup underneath the combobox (with a scrollbar)?

When even the upper part is not enough ,a scrollbar is being added, so I know there’s a scrollbar hiding somewhere in there…


You might be able to override something to customise the popup… Not sure what though, you’ll have to do some digging. (It’s a bit of a niche request, so not something I’d want to add as a setting)

I would appreciate this feature too. Is there a workaround using ViewPort? I managed to make the popup scrollable, but I can’t control the height and the position of the popup changes when scrolling…