Positioning elements on GUI

Hi, I am porting an application from Flowstone to JUCE. This is a big project with a large GUI.

I have the background image which is 926x592px.  It has 24 knobs as well as lots of button ect. Now my initial idea was to positions all the knobs and buttons using the GUI Editor, but I have problems with that. 

The GUI editor pane is not very wide and doesn't seem to be extendable. So while I can position elements within the pane I cannot successfully postion elements that extend outside the pane area.

I can see that the GUI editor is probably just designed to create components which will be added via code, so maybe it isn't meant to be used this way.

Problem is I don't have the absolute x and y cordinates for all the elements because Flowstone is very visual and doesn't give this information.

So my question is how can I postion the elements visually on a very large GUI? Any tips or pointers would be a big help.


Stupid me I solved it,  under the class tab I needed to set "Fixed size" to "Keep component size fixed". Now a scroll bar shows so I can scroll along to set the components positions.

Just out of interest, what made you decide to port it over? I hadn't heard of Flowstone before, looks like an interesting project - I have an affinity with Ruby :)

Yes Flowstone is a great piece of software. I have used it for many years. 

The reason for the port is that Flowstone is 32bit and Windows only. Mac support is probably never going to happen and 64bit has been promised for years but it has never happened. Also the focus of the software has moved away from audio towards robotics and education.

The project is someone elses which I worked on and is proving quite popular so he has asked me to port it to 64bit and Mac, JUCE looked like the best solution :)


Hey exo - great to see you here!

Hey Andrew and you!

Was about time I moved over to JUCE I think ;-), really enjoying it.