Possibility to use in C# program



I am building a C# audio application. It’s main purpose is triggering samples at intervals at a bpm. I’m currently using a multimedia timer, and I use FMOD for the sample playback. This works pretty well, but sometimes there is a small glithc (like fmod triggers the sample a tiny bit too late).

So, I’m looking for alternatives, and someone suggested Juce. Now, if possible, I would like to keep most of my application because it’s almost finished interface and feature-wise, plus I don’t know much C/C++.

So, would it be possible to compile Juce into a dll, which I would be able to call from within my application for audio (and possibly midi) stuff? Do you think this would be possible for someone without C / C++ knowledge?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !


It’s probably possible, but I’ve no idea how the interface between those languages works - it sounds messy!


Thanks for your reply. I’m guessing it won’t be something I will be able to pull off - I’m actually an ActionScript and PHP programmer, with only basic C# knowledge and next to no C++ skills.

However, I don’t think it has to be messy. Fmod has a nice wrapper for C#, so why would it be messy to do it with Juce? In fact, I think there would be a market for it - if someone wants to do an audio app in C#, there are very few options available, and AFAIK none with VSTi support (I believe Juce has this, or am I mistaking?). Just something to think about :slight_smile: