Post to URL with query parameters

I may be way off here, but is it so that when I use URL / WebInputstream to post/upload data it strips of the query parameters of the URL ?
I’m trying to upload files to Vimeo, and the URL that I need to post to looks like this:

and then, according to the API, the files should be sent to this url using POST. But when I enable POST in Juce, it seems to move the parameters to the form/data.
Sorry if im not correct on this.

Here is the Vimeo API:

Line 78 of juce_win32_Network.cpp:

    String address = url.toString (! isPost);

Changed it to

    String address = url.toString (true);

I understand that this function was trying to help us by cleaning the url address. But nothanks

I think it is part of the specification that, when using POST, the parameters should be passed as data rather than in the URL itself.

Perhaps JUCE should be improved to be flexible enough to still have the parameters in the URL and send the file with POST