Presonus Extensions update


We’ve been supporting the presonus VST3 extensions in our plugins and have recently discovered that there is a newer version of the extensions available.

The file ‘ipslcontextinfo.h’ in JUCE is from 2016 and doesn’t have the more recent 2019 introduction of the IContextInfoProvider3 interface, which we’ve found some DAWs are starting to use.

Any chance of an update?

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The presence of the Presonus extensions in JUCE is supposed to be an implementation detail used for ARA plugin support, and the definitions in there are not visible when including JUCE.

Can you share more about how you are using these extensions? Are you including the ipsl... header files from the subdirectory in juce_audio_processors?

Would it be possible to support your use-case by downloading and including a newer version of the extensions as part of your project?

We’ve added vst3 extension support for solo, cut, pan and fader to some of channel strip plugins. We included the ipsl header files to the VST3 wrapper to do this.

We can update the copy of the presonus extensions in our own copy of JUCE, we maintain a series of other minor changes to JUCE anyway so its not a problem to do. I guess I expected that you would want to update these SDK files anyway, because I’m sure that we’re not the only JUCE users to have utilized the bundled copy of the presonus extensions to implement vst3 extensions.