Is there any way to print a document?
Something similar to the FileChooser/ FileChooserDialogBox class that invokes a printer selector with options such as page orientation?

Thanks in advance.

No, not at the moment. I started working on a postscript generator, which is in the codebase, but never had chance to add anything to actually send it to a printer…

That’s cool. Thanks again for the quick reply.

The ability to have JUCE send a document to a selected printer would be amazing.

Excuse the double post, but I was wondering, since JUCE does not do printing (yet), can anyone point me to a windows library (not mfc) that can display a list of printers on that computer and allow things to be printed to it?

It’s a bit hard to find, but there’s information on MSDN about Win32 APIs for printing.

I’ve made code for printing with juce graphic a while ago (in Win32 only).
If you are interested, PM me.

BTW, with my patch only the text is printed as text, everything else is printed as a big bitmap (hence is slow). However it’s working very well.
Oh, also my patch is an hack, and will never be supported as is by Jules.