Private vs. Protected

There have been a few times when I’ve subclassed a JUCE class and then I’ve had to go into the JUCE headers and change private to protected to access some of the guts of the class that aren’t readily available. While I understand how some things just shouldn’t be played with outside of the base class, there seems to be too much “privateness” IMHO. It’s only an issue for me whenever I wanted to update to a new version of JUCE because I have to synch up my changes. Not too teribly difficult, but a bit of a pain nevertheless.

Any thoughts of making the classes more subclass-friendly?

I guess I do tend to favour “private”… but I’m always open to loosening up where it seems like a good idea, so just let me know when you spot something like this.

I guess I tend to make things private where I feel that a future change to the base class could break someone’s subclass. But I probably am a bit over-cautious about it.