Problem building examples with VS2019

Hi all,
maybe someone can help me get the examples for the engine up and running.
When trying to build these with VS2019 (fresh install) I get the error:

Method with specifier “override” does not override base class member. (Quelldatei wird kompiliert …\JuceLibraryCode\include_tracktion_engine_plugins.cpp)

Has anyone encountered this before? Or is VS2019 not supported?


Can I ask what branch you’re building with?

It sounds like you’re either using master or develop but using the tip of JUCE?
There were some changes recently in JUCE that break compatibility. We’ve updated the tracktion_graph branch to be compatible with that so try using that branch?

Alternatively, you can check the JUCE commit that master or develop is pointing to and use that in your project.

Hi dave,
I simply checked out the master branch from github from today with all submodules.
Than I changed the build scripts for the examples to work with VS2019.
So what would you recommend I should use, or do, or test :wink:

Best Regards

Hmm, looks like something did change on master recently. I’ll have to double check with Roland what the intention was here.

For now, I suggest checking out the tracktion_graph branch and updating the submodules.
Or do a fresh clone with git clone -b tracktion_graph --recurse-submodules to use the Tracktion Graph branch. I know that’s working.

You can also use cmake here to generate the example IDE files and specify VS2019.

Hi Dave,
perfect that worked!

One question, I want to build a very small app to load a VSTi, and render a midi file. What do you think is the best example/way to start here?

Thanks Phil

Searching before would have helped :wink: saw some posts and will start with these.


Yeah, there’s been quite a lot of posts on this kind of thing.
Have a look through the examples and maybe start with the MIDI recording one and plugin hosting as an example?