Problem dragging maximized native titlebar window



  1. Maximize a ComponentPeer that uses the native title bar
  2. Attempt to move the window by dragging in the title bar


Window moves, but keeps its size. It does not Restore (i.e. un-maximize). Click on the maximize button while the window is in this state does nothing.

Correct Behavior:

When a maximized window is dragged via the title bar, it should Restore at the beginning of the drag. All Windows 7 operating system windows behave this way (for example, Explorer windows).


yeah i noticed some weird stuff happening with the native titlebar. Whenever i move the windows to my second monitor, then maximize it, the same behavior happens that’s describe above.

Also the getWindowStateAsString still does not work, i mean when i maximize the window on the second screen after restoring the state later on it’s maximized on the first screen. However is it’s not maximized then the position is saved correctly (no matter witch screen)


Ok, I just tried this in windows 7 with the juce demo, but it does restore its size, and behaves just like any other Win7 window. Any idea what you might be doing differently to me?


Hmm…the demo also malfunctions. Here are the steps:

  1. Run the Juce Demo
  2. Choose “use native title bar” from the menu
  3. maximize the demo window
  4. drag the demo window


At the beginning of the drag, the window will snap back to its restored size. However, the maximize button no longer functions.


Ok, gotcha.