Problem in InterprocessConnection(only for communication be)

He does not receive the messages sent out by internet explorer or mozilla firefox.

Only exchange messages for socket between applications juce.

Er… yes. That’s what it’s designed to do (?)

Are you trying to communicate from a juce browser plugin to a juce app or another juce plugin?

I am creating an application proxy HTTP.
the internet explorer gets connected pear the application juce does not receive the petitions in the method messageReceived of the class InterprocessConnection.

Sorry, I can’t make much sense of what you’re asking. InterprocessConnection has nothing to do with HTTP, you know?

The petitions of protocol HTTP are by means of connections TCP/IP.
And by means of InterprocessConnection connections can create for themselves intervening TCP/IP

InterprocessConnectionServer::BeginWaitingForSocket (int port)


InterprocessConnection:: connectToSocket(juce::String hostName, int port,int timeOutMilliSecs)


But I think it sounds like you’re trying to mix InterprocessConnection sockets with HTTP? That’s not what they’re designed for.

is saying I cannot use InterprocessConnection to create a connection tcp/ip with another application that does not use the class InterprocessConnection ?

That’s correct.

It would be good for juce to tell with a class sockets to create applications client-server.

That he can adapt to the different protocols of internet.

There is a Socket class.

Thanks him hechare an eye.