Problem with iPhone Build in latest juce tip

Hi Jules,

I had a problem building the iPhone version of the juce library.

#include “mac/” refers to some GUI initialisation global functions that are not defined. To fix this, I added #include “…/core/juce_Initialisation.h” to

Please check if this is appropriate.


Sorry, yes I did miss out that include statement. Your fix is the right thing to do, I’ll get that sorted out right away!

Thanks Jules.

I am now getting linker errors from my app:

[quote]ld: warning: directory ‘/Users/Nyasha/UMAN/UMANDevelopment/UCMAN/juceIntegration_20July2010/build/macosx/…/…/…/XFNStack/build/mac/XFNStack/build/Debug’ following -L not found
Undefined symbols:
“initialiseJuce_GUI()”, referenced from:
-[JuceAppStartupDelegate applicationDidFinishLaunching:] in libjuce.a(juce_mac_NativeCode.o)
“shutdownJuce_GUI()”, referenced from:
-[JuceAppStartupDelegate applicationWillTerminate:] in libjuce.a(juce_mac_NativeCode.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status[/quote]

Any ideas?

No idea… those functions are definitely defined, and the file that they’re in is definitely compiled into the library. Maybe you just need a clean rebuild?

BTW when you added your include to the nativecode.cpp file, you did put it after BEGIN_JUCE_NAMESPACE, right?

I hadn’t done this. My bad - it works now. Thanks.