Problem with iPhone device and PNGImageFormat

Hi there!

When I am running my application on my iTouch device on debug (or release) mode I need to load some .png.

But Juce throws me this :

for this line :

According to the callstack the file has been loaded but its structure has not been recognized :

in png_read_info

else png_handle_unknown(png_ptr, info_ptr, length);

in png_handle_unknown

#endif png_chunk_error(png_ptr, "unknown critical chunk"); }

and finally in png_chunk_error :

if (png_ptr != NULL && png_ptr->error_fn != NULL) (*(png_ptr->error_fn))(png_ptr, '\0');

I really don’t understand, I currently test my app on iPhone Simulator and it works perfectly.

Any ideas?


Are you including this png in your resources? You have to be careful because XCode “helpfully” tries to convert pngs to some kind of optimised format that doesn’t work properly. I think there’s a flag somewhere to force it to use the file without changing it.

Course, there are add in resources, because the file is opened. I will have a look on XCode’s settings. Thanks.

Indeed, in Packaging Settings “Compress PNG file” and “Convert Copied Files” are both disabled.