Problem with juce URL on Windows 7


We have some customers using Windows 7 and are unable to activate our software. After some searches, we found out that the URL::createInputStream method return nullptr instead of an instance of InputStream. In most cases on mac or Windows 8 / 10 it works though. To get a web result we use a similar code to :

URL url("https://some/url/like/this.php");

std::unique_ptr<WebInputStream> ins(dynamic_cast<WebInputStream*>(
	url.createInputStream(false, nullptr, nullptr, "", timeout)

String result;
if(ins) {
	result = ins->readEntireStreamAsString();
	if(result.isEmpty() && (ins->isError())) {
		result = "Error : during the connection";
else {
	result = "Error : Unable to create an input stream";

What could be the problem ?

There was an issue in some older versions of Windows 7 with loading the SSL libraries causing HTTPSendRequestEx() to fail when connecting to https URLs. I had issues with a Win7 VM failing to connect but after doing an update the problem went away. Can you ask the customers to try upgrading their versions of Windows 7?

Thank you for your answer !

We had found 2 work around, update windows, and enable SSL 2 and 3 in windows internet options, but it’s not really a good solution, because it’s not convenient for customers (if a customer download our demo and it doesn’t work, it will probably not buy it and we just loose a client …)

If the solution could be in our code, or in a juce update it would be amazing !