Problem with MouseListener

I use a component inside window . I added a globalMouseListener in it. But the mousemove is not working proper.

Right… any more details, like what exactly isn’t working?..

Hi Jules,
I used a colorPicker component inside my application and use a picker button inside. according to my requirement i added juce::desktop::addGlobalMouseListener inside its buttonClicked method. When i move the mouse inside juce window it reflects the colour at current mouse position properly, but once i move it to desktop, no reflection noticed…

Sounds like you’re misunderstanding something, but I can’t quite see what you’re trying to do.

If you’re tracking the mouse position while the button is down, there’s no need for a global listener. If you’re following the position while the button is up and the mouse is anywhere else on screen, that’d be a bit of an odd way to do a UI, wouldn’t it?