Problem with SampleSound

I have a Synthesiser using SampleSound and SampleVoice, when adding two Sounds that have the exact same note instead of summing the output the last added sample is what is played. When logging I can see that two voices are triggered. Is it because SamplerVoice replaces the output of the previous?

I am not familiar with SampleSound/SampleVoice, but in the world of MIDI instruments, a note-on will usually re-trigger that same note if it’s already playing, not create a second voice of it. ie. MIDI does not stack notes.

I’m speaking from a multi layer approach, specifically like how one key can play two slightly detuned oscillators. Much in the same way, I’d like to play two samples

You need two sound sources (SampleSound? SampleVoice?) that are triggered by the same midi event.

I figured it out. I ended up subclassing SynthesiserSound and leveraged an array of audio buffers within the new subclass