Problems with TextButtons showing italic fonts

Hi everyone,

I have some TextButton with text written inside of them. I wanted to use any Font types so I overrode LookAndFeel::drawButtonText() function to make use of them. I tested a lot of system fonts and I realised many of them don’t appear in “italic” style. I have also looked up in JuceDemo code, which works perfect showing fonts in any “bold” or “italic” style, and uses a TextEditor component to show them. What is happening to TextButtons with italic styles?

Thanks to all


I just tried with a TextEditor (the same way as JuceDemo) and I have the same problem, so there might be another reason.

I found it. I didn’t realise there was a function to get all the styles available por a particular system Font: Font::findAllTypefaceStyles(). My system didn’t have many italic version of the fonts :oops: