ProcessorChain and ProcessContextNonReplacing


I’m pretty new to JUCE and I’m just scanning through the source code to see how things work. I stumbled across the ProcessorChain and was wondering why the output blocks don’t get switched to become the input blocks of the next Processor in the chain. Maybe I’m missing something?

It looks like at the moment only ProcessContextReplacing is being used and for them it doesn’t matter as the input block is the output block as well. But what will happen when you use ProcessContextNonReplacing?


Hello !

You got everything right. ProcessContextReplacing means the input and the output are the same (the output replaces the input), and for ProcessContextNonReplacing the two are separate. So obviously we need the first one to use the ProcessorChain functionalities.

So ProcessContextNonReplacing was never meant to be used with ProcessorChain then?