Product unlocking somehow not working on Linux


I’m implementing product unlocking from the official juce-tutorial.
On windows things work fine, but on linux the function


seems not to work, resulting in a

your internet connection seems to be OK but our webserver didn’t respond…

error message.
The webserver is up and working(on Windows).

Am I doing something wrong here or is something broken in the JUCE Code?



So Mac is also working, leaving just Linux.
I’m on the latest develop branch and on Ubuntu 22.04.
If someone with Linux on the actual develop could confirm that product unlocking its working for him, this would be a big help for me.
Thanks folks

Did you enable JUCE_USE_CURL? I believe that is necessary for web requests on Linux

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Thanks this was the problem, now things are working fine!

:beer: here is some virtual beer for you my friend.

Again, thanks so much! :slight_smile: