Projucer 5.4.1 won't start on Ubuntu

Upgrading from the latest JUCE 4 (which worked very fine) to the latest v5.4.1, I can’t make Projucer work on Ubuntu (16.04).

Compiling is flawless, but when launching the executable, I get this:
JUCE v5.4.1
JUCE Assertion failure in juce_Displays.cpp:344
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I have no problem with Windows. I tested on master and develop, the result is the same.


That’s odd, I’m not seeing this on Ubuntu 18.04.1 and I don’t think it was present on my older installation of 16.04 either. Have you changed the display settings in Ubuntu at all? Can you post what the node.display->totalArea is for each of the nodes in the displayNodes array?

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t change anything in Ubuntu. And I can not tell you the totalArea because I use Clion and I have no Build for it… (I feel stupid, sorry).

However, I downloaded JUCE, and the already compiled Projucer throws an error right from the start:
version `CURL_OPENSSL_4’ not found (required by ./Projucer)

Maybe the segfault comes from that? Anyway, that’s strange, because I have already installed the right library (libcurl4-openssl-dev). But the problem seems to come from my Linux set-up… Don’t bother too much. I’ll upgrade to 18.04 and it will probably correct the problem.

Oh, it seems this is linked to this problem. I’ll try to do something about it.

Ok, I’ve found a bug it seems. I’ve updated to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and the segfault is still here. I managed to investigate like you asked me to:

In juce_Displays.cpp, l332:
I have 2 nodes, which have these data:
node 1: 1920x1200, position 1280, 0
node 2: 1280x1024, position 0, 105

So none of these nodes satisfies the “getTopLeft() == Point<>()” condition. As a test, I removed the test, the first node is selected no matter what and the Projucer works!
So maybe you should add a fallback if no node is found by the end of the loop?

Interesting, I’ll put in a fallback for this. Thanks for reporting.