Projucer 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 - MSVCTargetBase::getExternalLibraries

The MSVCTargetBase::getExternalLibraries function, as of version 6.1.3, is disturbing me. I use the macro “$(PlatformTarget)” which is now exported as “%24(PlatformTarget)” because of the msBuildEscape inline function. Isn’t it easier for the user to do this replacement manually? As it is, I can’t purposely use special characters. For now, I’m justing bypassing this msBuildEscape function.

I’m sorry, I had been configuring my Jucer project wrongly and this change only exposed my error. I’ll reconfigure my project correctly, I’ll replace $(PlatformTarget) with ${PlatformTarget} and manually add the Preprocessor definition in each build configuration. I was used to the Visual Studio macro feature, so my Jucer project had this macro instead of using the configuration via Preprocessor Definition. Even so, I’m not sure this msBuildEscape change is a good change. For me, using Visual Studio macros is simpler than going through this process.

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