Projucer is problematic when I try to update binary files

Usually this happens with images. I will make some subtle change (in photoshop) to a binary image (PNG) that is referenced in my project. I hope that the projucer will just pick up the changes as would happen with a code source file. Unfortunately not. So I try removing the image from my project and then adding it back in again. But in the projucer preview, I am still seeing the old version of the image. So I remove the image a second time, rename it and then add it again. Now its fixed.


Seems the Projucer uses the ImageCache, which doesn’t check, if the file was changed. I can see in the sources, that it has a 30 seconds timeout, so theoretically, if you wait 30 seconds without the image being used anywhere (i.e. not displaying it in the preview), it should load fresh :wink:

I think, the ImageCache needs a function to invalidate an image, that would be called in jucer_BinaryResources.cpp - BinaryResources::browseForResource()


Yeah that happens to me too every time I change an image. I’m used to it now - but room for improvement in the Projucer I think.

I asked for this a while ago. We have to quit and reload the Projucer every time we update a resource.