Projucer vs Android possible bug and workaround

Hey there

I’m finding that I can get repeatable/predictable crashes using a Projucer v6.05 based Android app on basic settings for a GUI Application.


  1. GUI Application with Android Exporter added
  2. Set Gradle to 6.5, Android Plug-in to 4.1.1 (if I don’t I get a bunch of errors anyway)
  3. Launch Android Studio 4.1.1 and compile to Android device.
  4. Run the app, press home on the device, run/open app again it will crash. Run it yet again, it will work, repeat the home/open procedure yet again it will crash. Etc.

To avoid this issue add the juce_gui_extra module and repeat steps 3 and 4. You should no longer experience the crashing.

It seems odd that something in juce_gui_extra is vital for a non-crashy Android app. At least the workaround is pretty easy. Took me a bit to figure it out by process of elimination though!

Hope this helps someone.


This should now be fixed on develop:

Thanks for reporting!


Wow, @ed95 that was crazy fast! Thanks very much indeed. To confirm I’ve tested the change and indeed it works at my end too.

Best wishes, Jeff