Just watched a video form cppcon about audio and c++ where the projucer was used.  This tool will be great for teaching C++ and I can't wait to try it for a class.

Also, is anyone from your team going to AES in New York at the end of the month?


Really happy that you like the Projucer! If you want to get your hands on it, please watch out for the next major JUCE release coming soon!

(btw - is it my CppCon talk you saw? ;-) from the same conference there is also a proper Projucer talk by Jules, which will hopefully be available online soon.)

Unfortunately we won't be going to AES in New York. But we are organising the JUCE Summit 2015 here in London in November, and we also will be in Berlin, Germany at Meeting C++ in December.

Yes, it was your talk.  Really enjoyed the whole volatile thingy.  I'll take a look for the projucer talk.



It seems Julian's talk is up now.


Looks interesting, can't wait to try it.

So many questions!?!

I can't wait to use this in class. 

Looks like a brilliant tool. Esp being able to easily isolate a component or class for development without worrying about the rest of the app.  Quick feedback makes developing so much more fluid and fun. 

I wonder how it deals with compiler errors / crashes? I guess clang would provide feedback in such cases.. 

The compiler is run in a child process, so if your code falls into an infinite loop or there's a segfault for some reason, your work is safe!