Properties file path under 1.40+

Under older versions of juce, I’d been creating a properties file by creating a File using a string:

File myFile(SystemStats::getUserApplicationDataDirectory+T("/MyAppName/MyPropertiesFile.extension"));

I see that as of 1,40, getUserApplicationDataDirectory has moved to the File class, but now I’m not clear how to append to the file that’s returned.

The Properties file code calls dir.getChildFile, so I could do that, except that that call will fail if the subfolder or file doesn’t already exist, and I usually call myFile.createDirectory() to create the directory if needed. Is there a way to still get the user application data directory path as a string, or is this discouraged?

getChildFile is the correct way to do it - appending strings with slashes in them is always a bad idea! getChildFile doesn’t fail if the dir doesn’t exists, it’s just a way of appending a path.