PropertyPanel feature request: l&f colour roles


i wonder, is there any reason why PropertPanel uses hardcoded colour in the LookAndFeel drawing functions? this is somehow different to the other components, which use colour IDs for customization. iac, it would be wonderful, if the property panel would support colour IDs as well to make the interface more consistent.

thanks a lot,


I normally hard-code things while I'm writing them, and then afterwards when it's finished I turn them into colour IDs if it seems appropriate. I guess I just never did that one - will have a look when I get a moment.

Hi Jules,

While you have a look at the Property components, I also have a L&F problem with ChoicePropertyComponent:

I'm trying to apply a custom L&F to the PropertyPanel, so I call setLookAndFeel() on the component that contains the panel. The panel has a bunch of ChoicePropertyComponents.

Since it uses a ComboBox inside, calling

setColour(ComboBox::backgroundColourId, Colours::black); 

in the L&F correctly sets the background of my ChoicePropertyComponents.

Whereas calling 

setColour(ComboBox::textColourId, Colours::red);
setColour(Label::textColourId, Colours::red);

doesn't change the text of the ComboBox.

If I hardcode the value in void ComboBox::lookAndFeelChanged(), it works.

When walking through the code, it seems that getLookAndFeel() called from findColour() returns the default look and feel instead of my custom one.

I guess there is some addChildComponent() missing somewhere?

I'm using the latest modules download from the introjucer, so JUCE 3.0.1.