Proto typing projects in Max MSP

Thanks! The tutorials are helpful but feel slightly limited for building larger applications. This example is much better.

Also, should I look at building a plugin over a standalone to avoid issues with the hardware?

If you do a JUCE plugin project, that also has an option to generate a stand alone app. (That is just a simple application that hosts the AudioProcessor.) I would recommend just doing the plugin projects. You will also learn about proper separation of audio processing and the GUI with those. The AudioAppComponent doesn’t make that stuff obvious.

I am not sure about what you mean with the issues with hardware.

I mean learning how to take this stuff in bite size pieces. I think for the type of work I want to do professionally, Python might be a better use of my time at least at this stage. I think learning how to get comfortable with the algorithmic and math side of things without being bogged down in the syntax of c++ might be a good start. I like c++ a lot it just takes a while to really get used to. correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel as far as getting my first tech job, python may be the way to really get a clear understanding of the CS and DSP concepts in a much more attainable way having less experience with more powerful yet more intricate code structures. Like I said, I think it’s very educational and a good exercise to work on c++ stuff, but as far as progressing as a budding Computer scientist, I may get more done and have an easier time proving myself as a prospective employee working with something like python. I can do c++ whenever I want and I think working up to doing more computationally demanding tasks with c++ may be a very smart move. I think of myself as most interested in a mixture of signal processing and data science a lot like the music finger printing of apps like Sound hound and shazam, and the speech recognition of digital assistants like Alexa. Do you recommend that I use Python as an algorithmic tool to learn high level problem solving and build a portfolio in timely manner, or should I push myself dealing with low level challenges?

It depends on if you want to be ready to develop products that end users can install and use with the minimal hassle. Python or similar higher level languages won’t necessarily let you do that easily.

Are there any examples of a commercial/popular audio plugins or audio applications that are coded entirely in Python or a similar higher level language? I don’t know of any, but maybe there are some. (BitWig Studio is an interesting exception. They made their user interface/GUI layer with Java, but the core DSP processing is still implemented in C or C++.)

I think getting comfortable with high level concepts and handling data and AI might be my main focus for the next 4-6 months. I want to build performance C++ apps eventually but I think that I need code that’s easier to write with maybe less performance in order to learn a lot better and become a better programmer.

I try out ideas using this

It’s not super well supported but if you are lucky you can get it to compile inside JUCE.
You can test stuff quickly in PYO and if it works figuring out how to write it all in C++ makes the most sense …