Moving from Max To Juice

I used and learned Max msp of cycling 74 for several years.
My question is how can I move my works to the commercial field- applications, softwares, plugins for DAW, Etc, to be fast and light as a stand alone features?
I guess there is no comfort or easy way to translate Max to another languages and I have to do it all again, so what is the best or official language for MSP when it comes to PC software, mobiles apps and plugins? does Juice could fit ?
I have a background in C, C++ and in MSP programming?

I would appreciate any information and tips,

Rule 1 of JUCE programming - JUCE is all caps,with no ‘i’ in the middle :wink:

I also transitioned from Max to JUCE and the only thing that would have smoothed things better would be if I had coded MSP externals (maybe will someday…). Then again, any C++ wrappers for the MSP API are just lightly wrapping pure C under the hood, so it’s a different beast…

Just recommend diving in with the tutorials and open source code repos you can find. Sometimes it’s quite instructive to dig up old code repos based on JUCE 4 or 5 and migrate them to JUCE 6 to see what has changed…