Example for Max/MSP with JUCE?



I want to use JUCE to make “externals” for Max/MSP. I’m looking related projects (successfully achieved) to accelerate my learning curve. I already found “jucemsp” ( http://code.google.com/p/jucemsp/ ). Somebody has a link to another open-source repository ?


Why limit your ‘externals’ to Max/MSP? If you build them as VSTs then they can be used not only in Max but it a host of other software too?


This is just a prototype (for algorithmic/generative music) and i’m used with Max/MSP so it is a perfect place to make agent-based lattices experiments. I plan to port it later to open-source environments like Pd and/or SuperCollider. Make an App or VST in a far future, why not ? But for now, i go step by step. I started to learn programming only few years ago ; so everything is always a challenge for me.