Max/MSP project for the Introjucer?


(Before to dive into trials and errors) Anybody have successfully configure the ‘Introjucer’ to build an ‘external’ for Max/MSP? I know that i could manually manage an Xcode project, or consider to build VSTs ( ) but i would like first to try a basic approach with the ‘Introjucer’ (i like the “Don’t repeat yourself” mantra and i do not need the DSP part).

FYI: i resolved my problem here ( ).

Interesting. Is your plan to route audio into the object and then use JUCE for all the internal DSP stuff?? Am I right in thinking that Max/MSP itself uses JUCE now?


Nope. I don't need to manage DSP but rather MIDI and/or OSC streams. 

I'm not very experienced in DSP but i guess it could be done easily if you keep your code between the in/out points inside the perform method of the external. I'm more circumspect about GUI mechanisms.

AFAIK Max/MSP GUI is built with his own private version of JUCE, in such a way that you can not bind to it directly. I suppose that the bundle can embed also JUCE for its part but i'm not even sure about that ;-) 



I never bothered with Max/MSP external development. Always leaned more towards Pure Data. Let us know how it turns out.

For future readers ( ).