IntroJucer, xCode, storyboard


Thanks so much for your amazing software. I develop iOS apps in swift/xCode and I use MAX/MSP for my musical interests. I'm in the middle of writing an application, for which I have been wanting to use some things from MAX. Your software is a way for me to bridge these things togerther. I have succeeded in loading a max patch into xCode using IntroJucer with an iOS build target.

I wonder the following:

Once the project has been generated into an xCode project by IntroJucer, I notice that is missing a few of the typical files that I am used to. Mainly, the storyboard and the viewController.swift file, where I normally manage the interaction between the storyboard and the written functions. Once this xCode project is generated, is it possible to add a storyboard and viewController file and manually start connecting the user interface to functions that trigger c++ functions generated from MAX? Or will this break a lot of the other parts of the xCode project that JUCE builds? I don't mind the UI builder that IntroJucer provides, but I would like to integrate the material more with my own xCode application projects.

Which of the c++ files generated by Jucer contain the visual information?

Thanks so much!