iOS Storyboards and Juce

Is anyone using Juce with an ios project using the storyboard feature for the interface?

Would be curious - did you start from an Introjucer-built project and start to add in the ios stuff, or do you start from an iOS project complete with a working storyboard, and then tack on the juce library?


I started from a juce project, and added a storyboard via xcode.
Then I added a view controller to the storyboard, and in it's properties, ticked the 'Is Initial View Controller' box.
Then in the project info Deployment Info page, I set 'Main Interface' to my storyboard.

Now I'm stuck with the error "The app delegate must implement the window property if it wants to use a main storyboard file."

Seems maybe I need to add

@property (strong, nonatomic) UIWindow *window;

I'm just not entirely sure where yet - so if that rings any bells, let me know. I've mixed Juce and iOS before (not using storyboards or any ios ui) with a mixture of cpp, mm, hpp, etc files, and I'm gonna see what I can pull from that.

Did you have any luck with this approach? I'm looking at trying to build an app this way. 

Were either of you able to find an approach???





No I ended up doing it another way,  no storyboards. See for an example of how I did it.