Creating iOS project in IntroJucer


This seems naive. But I’m quite new JUCE and trying to create JUCE iOS project using Introjucer. But I cannot see a option on creating iOS project and Introjucer by default create OS X Xcode project.

Is there a way to create a iOS project? Thanks.

You just right-click on the top of the config treeview, and you’ll get a menu of different targets you can add.

(I agree that this isn’t particularly obvious - I’ve been meaning to add some other way of creating new exporters that’s easier to find!)


Thanks for your answers, but what is the best way to add JUCE to existing iOS project, I have this project using cocos2d-iphone and I want to develop some DSP functions on that.

Add the JUCE module files like juce_core.cpp, juce_audio_basics.cpp (for example) as needed to your project. Include the appropriate JUCE header files (after including AppConfig.h, which should contain your JUCE configuration macros).