ProTools AAX. processBlock calling issues


I have a problem.
I have a plugin which is a synth. And now it works pretty cool in every DAWS I tested, instead of ProTools.
When I open it there it works fine. UI is responsive. I can play sounds, loops, etc (manually sending midi signals).

But when I try to get any signals from ProTools (for example, play midi track, or just play the note on midi keyboard) processBlock immediately stops calling and, as the result, there is no sound.

After this “freeze” when I try to send midi manually again (like in the first step) it doesn’t work (because of proccessBlock is not calling anymore), after some time it starts calling again, but only when playback in DAWS is stopped.

Could you give me any advice?

Does the host stop calling your processBlock, or does your processBlock maybe just stop returning? Can you confirm that the last processBlock call you see does run till the end and doesn’t get stuck waiting for some lock or running in some infinite loop?

it stoped calling by host. I put the breakpoint inside and during playback of the host it doesn’t call.

Yes, I can confirm the the last process block doesn’t stuck because I can hear the last sound I called manually.

Ok. I think I found the reason - it was a wrong category. It must be swgenerators.