Question about monochrome images

We are evaluating using JUICE to front end a medical viewer application. X-rays are typically viewed on monitors that are 8 bit monochrome. The X-rays themselves are 15 or 16 bit monochrome. It appears as if the only internal representation for images in JUICE is 24 or 32 bit color. Is there a away to deal with monochrome images?

you’re going to need to roll your own.

JUCE’s image handling is designed to map to native graphic card and monitor outputs. Higher than 8bit channel depth is pretty much unsupported on any standard computer hardware[1]. So from the perspective of a UI toolkit, there isn’t much call to support it.

Since you’re going to need to offer your radiologists windowing support anyway, just do a standard slope/intercept rescale to 256 shade (8 bit) greyscale, and draw that to an RGB or ARGB image.

[1] the monitor may be high quality monochrome but the video card feeding it is not. Most medical displays ship with rebranded mainstream video cards. There are a bunch of Totuko video cards in our lab that are just Matrox rebrands. They don’t support monochrome, so they just feed a 24bit RGB signal to the monitor, which displays it in 8bit greyscale.