Question: component in multiple windows

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is it somehow possible to show a component in multiple windows at the same time?
I have a component in resizable window A as content component. when i also want to show it in window B as child component, it disappears in window A. same happens the other way round.

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ok i found the answer in a different thread

what i’m trying to do is something like this:

i have a device with a gui in a device rack.
my application provides a gui editor for those devices.
in the rack i have a button to open the gui in said editor.
but when the gui editor opens, it has to show the gui to edit it, so it disappears in the device rack.

i only can think of the solution to take a snapshot of the gui, put in in the rack, gray it out and print something like “in edit” on top of it while it is in the editor. but thats a pretty ugly solution.

any tips welcome.


As long as you’ve not done nasty hacky things like putting your data model into the UI component, then it should be easy to create multiple UI components that all control the same underlying data object. That’s the correct way to design a UI anyway!