Question on new debug msgs (e.g. Metal API Validation)

Hi there,

After only getting around to updating xcode recently I noticed 2 new debug msgs that print at every build even if all else appears to be error-free:

[Window] Manually adding the rootViewController's view to the view hierarchy is no longer supported. Please allow UIWindow to add the rootViewController's view to the view hierarchy itself.

  • Unsure what to do here, ignore ?

Metal API Validation Enabled

  • Is there any way to turn Metal API Validation off ?

Iā€™m getting this a lot as well.


Same here

you can disable Metal API vailidation in the xcode scheme settings, not sure about the other warning but there might be something you can change there. also not sure if the projucer would reset this when you remake the xcode project

This is potentially serious down the road. According to this stackoverflow post you may not be able to deploy to iOS 13:

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These warnings have been fixed on the develop branch: