Question on pluginval

I’m getting “Parameters not restored on setStateInformation” sometimes, only when randomise tests is active. I have some parameters linked, so a change in one of them moves the other one, as in meta parameters. I also have some parameters bounded by the values of other ones, so their changes are checked and corrected if needed. All this linking and checking is done asynchronously, and if I disable it, the fail is gone. My guess is that PluginStateTestRestoration is not run on the message thread, and after setStateInformation a link or check may be performed. So, two questions: is this possible, and may it cause the plugin to be rejected by some DAWs / Apple / Avid?

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Hi @kamedin, did you get to the bottom of it?
I am facing the same issue, and even the most simple example with a single float parameter does trigger the error.
At first I thought it was related to this thread here, but it does happen with floats too.

As you mentioned it only happens when “Randomise tests” is selected.

(using Juce 7.0.9 and pluginval 1.0.3)

Do you by chance have two parameters dependent on one another? The auval tool catches that case and warns you about marking those parameters with the “isMeta” flag.

No I don’t : it is the simplest possible processor implementation with just a single float parameter.
If I set “num repeats” to 5 I generally get 1 or 2 errors.

I’d recommend filing an issue on the repo, as it’s likely others are running into the same problem.

setStateInformation related stuff was was touched with 1.0.3, so you could also try to see if you could reproduce with 1.0.2.


Yes that is probably what I should do :slight_smile:
I tried versions 1.0.3, 1.0.0 and 0.3.0 with the same result.