Quick tester

I hacked together in maybe 2 hours this little bit…

It supports stereo wavs and it resizes fairly nicely.

There are some optimizations to be done, but it’s 3am… remove function calls in the loop, little more sane handling of “placement”.

needs to “close” previous load when opening a new file… that’s simply due to lack of C++ knowledge atm.

also the AudioFileReader class is incomplete! There needs to be nicer methods to access theBuffer data so it can be made private…

You can ignore all the compiler warnings too… once again just a learning experience to see what I can get working.

numerous other things… just a quick hack together to see if I could do it :slight_smile: I feel better now… catharsis and all ya know?

Enjoy :slight_smile:

just for my own sanity I cleaned up the compiler warnings, sped up wave drawing a bit (but did not correct it).

also tested some gradientbrushes… looks pretty :slight_smile:

it’s still same link I beleive.