Quitting from dock issue with tip

Hi, Jules. We just found an easily reproducible bug in the JUCE svn tip (or at least as far as revision 684).

Start up jucedemo.app.
Focus another application such as Finder.
Right-click on jucedemo icon in dock and select quit.
jucedemo.app doesn’t quit until it receives focus again.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, this is on 10.5.

Thanks - I’ll check that out…

We just found that it happens in other cases too. If you press the close button in your non-native titlebar, the app only closes after the mouse has been moved or a key has been hit. It also happens when quitting from the apple-menu.

The app seems to need another event before handling the quit-event.

Ok - well that makes sense, because the ‘quit’ flag will only be checked each time a message is delivered. Should be easy to fix though, I think it’s just a small change in juce_mac_MessageManager.cpp:

[code]void MessageManager::stopDispatchLoop()
Message* const m = new Message (quitMessageId, 0, 0, 0);
m->messageRecipient = 0;
postMessageToQueue (m);
quitMessagePosted = true;

[NSApp stop: nil];


Sorry, that code didn’t solve the issue for me.

Ok, I’ll take another look tomorrow.

Any luck with this bug, Jules? Did your code fix the JUCE demo?

Grab the tip and try again - I think I’ve fixed it now.

I just did, but issue is still there in revision 695.

That’s just not what I’m seeing here. I can’t find any problems when I try what you suggested.

Maybe try again with today’s check-in, where I made some more tweaks to the mac messagemanager locking.

hmm… im still getting this bug. :frowning: (with last tip, on 10.5.7 here)
any ideas on how to fix this?

This happens differently in jucer and juce demo
juce demo : when another application is focused and you right-click->quit the application, it doesn’t quit until the application gains focus again.

jucer: when another application is focused and you right-click->quit the application, the interface closes but the icon stays on the dock until you click it.

Ok, I’ve found it now. It’s very strange - seems like the NSApp object just ignores any quit messages if the app isn’t currently active. Adding this bodge seems to sort things out:

void MessageManager::stopDispatchLoop() { quitMessagePosted = true; [NSApp stop: nil]; [NSApp activateIgnoringOtherApps: YES]; }

worx good now :slight_smile:

much thanks!