Real Full Screen


How do I make my app go full screen on OSX. You know like the "full screen arrows" in finder.

There is Kiosk mode, but that does not work the same way. When you click on full screen in finder, it gets a new "desktop" and you can switch between views using ctrl+arrows.

How do I do this in Juce, or do I need to do some NSwindow nija-work




The intention is that kiosk mode is what you're looking for, I think. Not sure I understand what you mean about it not doing the right thing..?

Hi Jules

Sorry, I see that I was unclear. After looking at it some more it seems to be two things.

1 I want my app to go fullscreen. this can be easily done with kiosk-mode

2 When other apps, such as finder go full screen (Might have changed in Yosimite?) It also gets a seperate desktop

This way you can switch between apps using ctrl+arrow keys. Also you can view the desktops if you press the F3 key

So is there a way to make a juce app go fullscreen and to its own desktop?


Hi Nikolai,

Just to clarify - here on OSX Yosemite, if just I create a default Juce app, it supports the new green Yosemite fullscreen button behaviour out of the box, and if you go there the app will have its own Desktop. So it does the same thing as Finder does when you click on fullscreen. Is this not what you are looking for?

Thanks timur!

Then we put this case to rest. No point in implementing stuff for "old' osx versions.