Reaper Bug (replace quick)

when a friend tested my current plugin in reaper he found out that it crashed when using reaper’s “quick replace fx” function. you can find that function by right-clicking on a plugin in a track’s effect chain. it seems to be a juce bug as i have no idea what that part of the code does and the stack trace also doesn’t lead back to some of my code. i’m currently on juce version 7.0.0

i’ll now try updating to the latest juce version and update this post if that changes anything.

I was having this exact same jassert when building from JUCE 7 initially. Mine was caused whenever all previous instances of the JUCE 7 plugin were removed, then a new one instantiated.

For me, this was fixed by an update on develop branch around 23/06, not too sure which. Have you tried building from this branch?


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oh ok. good to know this is solved already. guess now i just need to be able to upgrade juce again. look at my other post for info. i’m kinda stuck on 7.0.0 right now and don’t know why

hmmm yes I just saw that. Well, I don’t really have the hang of the proper JUCE update procedure and was having issues with the projucer version also (I assumed it was just my bad). I zipped up my JUCE 6.x.x folder and cloned JUCE 7 in it’s place, gone into “builds” and ran/built the .sln for my VS version. Now all my projects are porting to JUCE 7 with no issue.

Good luck pal! :slight_smile: