Reaper stealing spacebar keystrokes in TextEditor

I have noticed that Reaper on OS X steals spacebar keystrokes when typing into a TextEditor component in my plugin. Pressing spacebar will toggle audio playback in Reaper, even when the TextEditor has focus.

I have observed the same behaviour in a couple of commercial Juce plugins, so I assume that the problem is not unique to me.

I also found a thread in the Reaper forum where someone describes the same problem:

That thread includes a Reaper-specific solution, but it would be great if it was possible to type spaces into a TextEditor without workarounds.

I haven’t noticed the same behaviour in non-Juce plugins (e.g. u-he’s plugins).

Any ideas?

We observed similar behaviour. Native Instruments plugins and a few others seem to be able to catch the spacebar tough. Would be nice if that could be fixed at some point.

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Not just spacebar, but Return key too is captured by Reaper unless the “send all key presses” option is enabled (wouldn’t be surprised if there were more). Quite annoying.

Command+v (paste) is another key combo that isn’t passed by Reaper. I notice that Diva, which does capture spacebar and return keypresses, doesn’t capture Command+c & command+v either.

Bumping this. Just ran into this exact same issue today. Any hint?


I think the only way to get the keyboard input is mentioned in that Cockos forum post:

Our plugins check the “Plugin editor requires keyboard focus” option in the Projucer, but still Reaper won’t give us focus by default.

The same applies to Ardour/Mixbus, there is a specific button to toggle whether or not a plugin is explicitly allowed focus or not. This stops plugins from implicitly capturing things like transport shortcuts, but it can be annoying from the plugin dev side as well :slight_smile:

Seems totally to be a host related issue. In the case of REAPER, that’s only with macOS. Everything works fine on Windows. I also checked with the big ones like NI Maschine and its impacted exactly the same way.

This’ll go in our FAQ :wink:

Could be worth asking Cockos about this, though.