Reaper UI Freezes With Plugin Open

Has anyone experienced issues with windows versions of reaper freezing their drawing with your JUCE based plugin open?

I’m not using OpenGL – but whenever the plugin is opened in reaper, reapers stop painting it’s meters etc.

It’s a strange one…

If your plugin’s GUI uses too much CPU for the painting, it will affect the host and other plugins, since all share the same GUI thread. Or are you saying it only happens in Reaper and not any other hosts?

Yeah – it’s just been in Reaper on windows 0.o

I’ve definitely noticed it in other hosts when getting too greedy with the graphics – but this is only windows and only reaper… :confused:

The reason I post it here is our beta tester mentioned he had noticed this with other plugins built in JUCE on windows Reaper

Hmm – the issue goes away switching OpenGL rendering on… – I suppose that’s the move

Same thing happens to me. Only Juce plugins.

Yeah it’s a pain, activating OpenGL fixes it for Reaper, but ruins performance in other DAWs.

My UI isn’t simple by any means, but we use smart image caching and unclipped painting and lots of other tidbits and still hit issues on windows where Mac is smooth AF with the OpenGL renderer.

In my case I did find a single component was continuously trigger repaint (a button) and while it wasn’t appearing as an issue on Mac it was destroying windows performance.