Receiving automation gestures notification

Is there a way to receive from the host the appropriate notifications when an automated parameter begins and ends being changed in the host's UI?

I mean, if I change an automated parameter by dragging a slider on my JUCE plug-in UI, I call the appropriate beginParameterChangeGesture() and endParameterChangeGesture() in sliderDragStarted() and sliderDragEnded() respectively, so that the host is informed that the parameter has started/ended its change.

What I am asking is if there is something the other way around: is it possible that my plug-in gets a notification (ideally, a parameterChangeBegun and parameterChangeEnded) when the user starts/ends changing the value of an automated parameter acting on a host's UI control, for example by rotating a knob associated to the parameter in the track where the plug-in is inserted, or changing the evelope for the same parameter in the track?

no word on this?

No.. I don't think it's something that'd be possibleĀ in all formats (if any?). It's more something thatĀ hosts need to worry about than plugins.